Thomas Brophy, PhD, President

Jeffery A. Martin, PhD, Vice President

Leila Kincaid, MA, PhD Student, Secretary, Membership Director

Charles H. Silverstein, PhD, Treasurer


Debashish Banerji

Former president of the East-West Cultural Center, and the Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles. Teacher of Asian Art History and Indian spiritual Culture. Dean of Academic Affairs for the University of Philosophical Research, Los Angeles.

Imants Barušs

King’s University College. Professor Barušs has written, or co-authored, over 100 publications about fundamental issues concerning consciousness.

Jonathan Bricklin

Program Consultant to the New York Open Center is the the author of The Illusion of Will, Self, and Time: William James’s Reluctant Guide to Enlightenment (SUNY Press), and the Editor of Sciousness (Eirini Press). His radical reconstructions of James have appeared in numerous journals.

Deepak Chopra

Global leader and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine. He has published more than 75 books with 21 New York Times best sellers in both fiction and non-fiction. His work has been published in more than thirty-five languages.

Allan Combs

Neuropsychologist, system theorist, and consciousness researcher  at the California Institute of Integral Studies where he directs the Center for Consciousness Studies. Author of over 200 publications on consciousness and the brain.

Carolyn Cooke

Chair of MFA programs at CIIS. She is an author whose reviews have appeared in The Nation and Contemporary Literary Criticism, and The San Francisco Chronicle. She has been awarded fellowships by the National Endowment for the Arts, the California Arts Council, the Djerassi Foundation, Ucross, and the Corporation of Yaddo.

Frank Echenhofer

Professor of clinical psychology at the CIIS. His specializations bridge east-west psychology and are in the general areas of eastern and western comparative psychology, philosophy, and psychophysiology.

Liane Gabora

Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of British  Columbia—Okanagan. Long-time interests are creativity, formal models of concepts and contextuality, evolution of human cognition, comparative study of evolutionary processes—biological and cultural, and light as a metaphor for enlightenment, as well as the merging of arts and technology.

Ben Goertzel

Chief Scientist of financial prediction firm Aidyia Holdings; Chairman of AI software company Novamente LLC and bioinformatics company Biomind LLC; Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society and the OpenCog Foundation; Vice Chairman of futurist nonprofit Humanity+; Scientific Advisor of biopharma firm Genescient Corp.; Advisor to the Singularity University and Singularity Institute; Research Professor in the Fujian Key Lab for Brain-Like Intelligent Systems at Xiamen University, China; and general Chair of the Artificial General Intelligence conference series.

Menas Kafatos

Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics at Chapman University. He is the Founding Dean of the Schmid College of Science and Technology at Chapman University, and director of the Center of Excellence in Earth Systems Modeling and Observations. He has published numerous books including The Conscious Universe, and The Non-local Universe (with Robert Nadeau).

Leila Kincaid

Leila Kincaid has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and is now in their Transformative Studies Doctoral Program, where she is conducting research about the psycho-social and evolutionary origins and nature of human caused harm. With a focus on methods of healing and transformation, Leila writes and speaks about ecological consciousness, film and consciousness, ethics, and philosophy at the intersection of feminism and patriarchy. You can read some of her work in The Journal of Conscious Evolution and at

Stanley Krippner

Pioneer in the study of consciousness, having conducted research in the areas of dreams, hypnosis, shamanism, and dissociation, often from a cross-cultural perspective, and with an emphasis on anomalous phenomena that seem to question mainstream paradigms. He is the author of over 1000 published scholarly articles, chapters, and papers.

Jeffery A. Martin

A CIIS and Harvard trained social scientist who researches personal transformation. He specializes in bringing rigorous empirical research and testing to transformational techniques and theories that have previously been supported anecdotally. Jeffery is a leading expert on non-symbolic consciousness.

Kate Noble

Professor at the University of Washington – Bothell. She has authored books about the theory and practice of spiritual intelligence, the psychological development of gifted women, and co-edited a book on women’s talent development. She has published numerous research articles on psychological development and spirituality, early university entrance, and the psychological and social challenges confronting highly intelligent adolescents and adults.

Lynne Roff

Transdisciplinary artist and scholar with interests in all facets of the performing and visual arts, and include creativity, complexity, integral, and consciousness studies. She holds a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Transformative Studies, and is the Secretary of The Society for Consciousness Studies.

Sean Avila Saiter

Research of collaborative group process, theory formation, and selective attention. He has served as the Program Coordinator in the Integral Theory Department at JFKU in Pleasant Hill, CA, and is presently the Associate Director of the Metaintegral foundation, Ludus Amoris, co-editor of The Journal of Conscious Evolution, and Associate Editor of The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.

Ed Sarath

Professor of Music in the Department in Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation, of which he was the founding faculty member and chair (1987-2007), at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and  Dance where he acts as the Director of the Program in Creativity and Consciousness Studies.

Constance Scharff, Ph.D.

Dr. Scharff is an internationally recognized speaker and award-winning author on the topics of addiction recovery, overcoming trauma, and consciousness and mental health. Dr. Scharff serves as Senior Addiction Research Fellow and Director of Addiction Research for Cliffside Malibu. Constance Scharff, PhD 

Charles H. Silverstein

Dr. Silverstein is currently the Interim Dean of the ALEPH Ordination Program, training rabbis, cantors, rabbinic pastors and spiritual directors. Previously he was at The Graduate Institute where he was the Executive Vice President of the school and the Academic Director of the Master of Arts in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology program. His research interests are in education, meditation, and personal growth and development.

Gino Yu

Associate Professor and Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development in the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His main area research interests involve the application of media technologies to cultivate creativity and promote enlightened consciousness.

Stephan A. Schwartz

Distinguished Consulting Faculty of Saybrook University, and a Research Associate of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research. He is the columnist for the journal Explore, and editor of the daily web publication in both of which he covers trends that are affecting the future. He also writes regularly for The Huffington Post. His other academic and research appointments include: Senior Samueli Fellow for Brain, Mind and Healing of the Samueli Institute; founder and Research Director of the Mobius laboratory; Director of Research of the Rhine Research Center;  and Senior Fellow of The Philosophical Research Society. Government appointments include: Special Assistant for Research and Analysis to the Chief of Naval Operations, consultant to the Oceanographer of the Navy.