The Society for Consciousness Studies offers three types of membership


PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS – Professional members either have a PhD or equivalent, and published papers or books about consciousness, or are advanced PhD students. Only Professional Members have the right to vote, e.g., on applications for new memberships, but Associate and Student members have the privilege of participating in all discussions.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS –Members who are interested in scholarship about consciousness but do not meet the criteria for Professional Membership.

STUDENT MEMBERS – Student members are registered in university programs and are interested in consciousness studies.

For PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP an applicant, unless already well known, needs to supply a published article or book of reasonable quality (if need be, determined in discussion by the existing membership), or presentations indicating professional scholarship of quality; or he or she can be a student working on topics that recommend them as future consciousness scholars.

To apply for membership, please contact Allan Combs here.

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