Thomas Brophy


Thomas Brophy is Co-President and Executive Dean at California Institute for Human Science, teaching Integral Theory, forefront issues of mind-body cosmology, and archaeoastronomy.  After graduating in Liberal Arts from The Colorado College, he earned a Ph.D. in physics at University of Colorado, Boulder, working with LASP (Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics) and NASA interplanetary spacecraft projects, and was a National Science Foundation exchange scientist to the Japan Space Program, University of Tokyo.  He then recombined interests in fundamental physical theory with practice and philosophy of contemplative traditions, both Eastern and Western. Combining Integral theory with astrophysical dynamics led to his studies of the astro-archaeology of proto-historic Egypt, which has been the subject of bestselling books and TV documentaries.  Through partnership with Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, founder of CIHS, he has been extensively involved in psychospiritual and parapsychological research and theory.  He has published peer reviewed scientific articles in premier journals, been a featured presenter at scientific conferences, as well as Integral spirituality meetings around the world, and featured in TV interviews.  His books include: The Mechanism Demands a Mysticism: An Exploration of Spirit, Matter and Physics; The Origin Map; Black Genesis: the Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt (co-authored with Robert Bauval); Imotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos (co-authored with Robert Bauval); and The Christmas Code: A New Astronomy of Christmas and how it Came From Ancient Egypt.

Title: “Integral Yoga roots of Consciousness-Based Integral Education at CIHS”

Abstract: Integral education is poised to become a unifying principle for global higher education systems that are suffering from fragmentation and disconnection from the essence of human being and progress. Integral education does everything conventional education does, and also categorically more by integrating multiple additional domains of learning and growth. Integral education can identify its roots with Integral Yoga and integral philosophy developed contemporaneously by Sivananda and Aurobindo as a grand synthesis of all psychospiritual development paths and theories Eastern and Western. These common roots can be traced in a direct line to two institutions founded specifically for integral education in the U.S. – not only to the founding by Haridas Chaudhuri of California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), but also to the founding by Hiroshi Motoyama of California Institute for Human Science (CIHS). Although each founder uniquely and independently developed their integral education philosophies, they also identify their roots in the Aurobindo-Sivananda Integral Yoga synthesis. This presentation traces the roots of the founding of CIHS as an institution for integral education and scientific research into the consciousness aspect of human being.