"Consciousness & Spirit II" hosted by the Yale Divinity School

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2019 SCS Conference update – Two announcements!

Announcing speaker Nancy Ellen Abrams

We are thrilled to announce that the line-up of illustrious guest speakers for the 2019 SCS Conference Consciousness and Spirit II continues to grow. Joining speakers Deepak Chopra (live) and Ken Wilber and Ervin Laszlo (via live video), we are delighted that Nancy Ellen Abrams will be present to share her work on the intersections of science and spirituality. Abrams is a philosopher of science, lawyer, and author. She and her husband, world-renowned cosmologist Joel R. Primack, developed a new visual language to express the big ideas underlying the new universe picture. We look forward to welcoming these and all of our speakers into our treasured SCS Conference community.

Registration—don’t wait!

REGISTRATION IS 20% OFF DURING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. Registration  for the Conference opened with a flourish and the limited capacity is filling up! Please consider acting swiftly so you don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to share our work together in SCS’s intimate conference setting.

A Sample of Presenters

Fractals of Consciousness

Consciousness, Music, and Healing Sound

Society Contacts

Allan Combs, Phd - Conference Director - Contact: Admin@Consc.org

Dr. Combs is the President of the Society for Consciousness Studies.  
As of 2017, he has authored around 200 articles, chapters, and books on consciousness and the brain. 

Steven M. Mitchell - Technical Support for SCS - Steven.Mitchell@consc.org

Mitchell is a PhD student at CIIS and is looking to bridge technology and mental health concerns among those in the millennial generation. 

During the time of our meeting at Yale, those of us who knew her should take the time to remember our friend and colleague, Christine Wright. Christine was a public school teacher and ran a non-profit for many years to help support inner-city youth. Please click the button below this message to learn more about her life and her work. 

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A Special "Thank You"

Special thanks to the Yale Divinity School for hosting the 2019 conference. 

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