Constance Scharff

Constance Scharff, PhD is an internationally recognized speaker and author on the topics of addiction recovery and mental health. She currently serves Rock to Recovery, a music therapy based addiction and trauma treatment group, as Science and Research Chair on their board of directors and is writing a book on the power of music therapy with their founder, Wesley Geer. Previously, she was the Senior Addiction Research Fellow and Director of Addiction Research for Cliffside Malibu, an addiction treatment center based in Malibu, California. Her research centers around using complementary health and contemplative practices to improve treatment outcomes among addicts and the mentally ill. Dr. Scharff is coauthor of the best-selling book, Ending Addiction for Good and the award-winning poetry book Meeting God at Midnight. She regularly travels the world speaking, teaching and advocating for compassionate health practices that destigmatize mental health problems. In addition to research and teaching, Dr. Scharff is a novelist and equestrian who spends time with a half-Arabian gelding named Cody.

Wes Geer

  • Wesley Geer founded the hard rock band Hed P.E. in 1994 and played with them for ten years,  selling over a million albums. He later joined the iconic band Korn as lead guitarist from 2009-2013. After retiring from Korn, Geer decided to  give back to the community. He created Rock to Recovery on December 12,  2012. Rock to Recovery is an innovative music therapy program that  creates bands in various types of treatment settings (addiction, mental  health, eating disorders, veterans, etc.) to provide participants with  greater self-esteem, neurological benefits that support recovery, and  motivation to stay in  treatment. Rock to Recovery serves more than 100  addiction treatment centers in California and Tennessee, offering 450+  sessions a month, and has a contract with the Department of Defense to  treat veterans and caregivers through the Air Force Wounded Warrior  program.