Rick Barrett


Chinese internal martial arts develop  body-mind-spirit integration to access supernormal abilities and  superconscious states of awareness. Transformation is achieved through gongfu (diligent practice over time) and understanding  the inner energy alchemy that feeds the transformation process. Much of  this information is veiled by arcane symbology and poetic descriptions,  making it inaccessible to the uninitiated. 

In this presentation, I will discuss and  demonstrate nervous system correlates (Combs-Wilber Matrix: Upper Right)  to the experiential aspect of the practice (Upper Left).  This will  include mindfulness and distinction of Afferent and  Efferent Nervous System activity, Hemispheric Synchronization of the  brain, and whole-brain coherence through deliberate consciousness of  pre-conscious somatic activity.  

The presentation will include a short guided meditation using techniques developed from these ideas.