Ed Sarath

Ed Sarath is Professor of Music in the Department in Jazz and Contemporary  Improvisation and head of the U-M Program in Creativity and Consciousness Studies. He is active as performer, composer, recording artist and author. His books Improvisation, Creativity and  Consciousness (SUNY 2013), and Black Music Matters (2018) are the first  to apply principles of Integral Theory to music. 


Central to my work as artist, pedagogue, scholar and integral change  visionary is the idea of an arts-driven revolution in creativity and  consciousness that takes hold in education and society. Within the arts,  moreover, I view the improvised musical art form  of jazz as a particularly robust integral transformative catalyst. This  talk probes a range of considerations by which jazz and improvisatory  creativity are coherent with a non dual vision of consciousness. From  the long legacy of jazz innovators who have  been involved in meditation and related disciplines, including Alice  Coltrane’s extensive engagement in Vedanta, to studies involving  intersubjective dimensions of consciousness (which I argue are  primordial to individual consciousness) that are enlivened in  collective improvisation and meditation, to art-based insights into the  socio-political dynamics of consciousness research; I lay groundwork  for what I suggest is a new wave in consciousness research.   

In intersperse my commentary with jazz flugelhorn interludes.  Presentation