Charles Chip McNeal (abstract)

Re-storying Conscious Identity Through Narrative Engagement

In  my presentation, I share the preliminary research data from a pilot  study in Narrative Inquiry. The data infers the possibility of  developing a positive, more resilient and strengthened self-identity  through narrative engagement outside the clinical setting. It seems the conscious mind may aid in healing past psychic trauma  through intentional re-telling of the experience to/with a thoughtful  and compassionate co-conspirator acting as inquirer. The investigation  of this phenomenon enriches a new path of narrative analysis that reaches beyond the landscape of consciousness to reveal  the landscape of identity. Intentionally manipulating the landscape of  identity may offer new understanding about the restorative nature of  community dialogue, narrative inquiry and the development of personal narratives. As an education equity researcher, I find the  implications relevant, and timely for educational curricular reform that  focuses on student empowerment, and social justice principles.