Ashanti Monts-Treviska

Ashanti Monts-Treviska co-manages a social enterprise, Cascadia Deaf  Nation, which focuses on creating a member-owned cooperative model that  co-creates thriving spaces with Deaf Black Indigenous People of Color  (DBIPOC*) in British Columbia, Washington State and  Oregon. Monts-Treviska is currently a doctoral student in transformative  studies and consciousness at the California Institute of Integral  Studies.


Deafhood [of color] Consciousness: 

The Re-Emerging Transformative Approach to Humxn Experience.

What  would the world look when it embraces the embodiment of an authentic  balance of meaningful humxn experience through the integration of  Deafhood [of color] consciousness within our current paradigm? An exploration of the emergent thought process of  reframing monocultural narratives from the perspective of Deaf  consciousness thorough intersectional lens.